Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one party to another. It involves a series of complex legal steps and paperwork that need to be completed accurately and promptly. Mistakes in this process can lead to delays, disputes, or even financial losses. That’s why it’s crucial to have a trusted partner like Skilled Conveyancing Services by your side.

When should I engage a conveyancer to work for me?

If you are buying – When you find a property and most definitely BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING with a real estate agent! If you are selling – As soon as you have made the decision to put your property on the market, we can prepare the sale documentation required by the real estate agent to find a purchaser for you.

What is the difference between a Conveyancer and a Solicitor?

A conveyancer only does conveyancing – every minute of every day. Whereas a solicitor does many different legal transactions with conveyancing just being one of them. Both of us can support someone needing conveyancing, yet conveyancers specialise in just conveyancing!

What is a Contract Review and Why should I invest in one when buying a Property?

A contract review is a process used to identify and investigate the key provisions in the Contract. At Skilled Conveyancing, we read each contract thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions and highlight any risks and relevant information you need to know about BEFORE YOU SIGN any contract.

Here is 4 reasons investing in a contract review is so beneficial;

• To SAVE YOU the stress and uncertainty when signing a legally binding document. It is all about mitigating the RISKS to you and your family!

• To EDUCATE you, so you are in a more CONFIDENT position when negotiating the correct terms and conditions in your contract!

• To PROTECT you and your family in checking out the property you intend to purchase more thoroughly to

• To determine or gauge what Government BENEFITS are available to you

How do I know the difference between an average Conveyancer and a Great Conveyancer?

Simply – the way they answer these 7 questions;

  1. What percentage of settlements does the Conveyancer achieve of “being effected on time” with PEXA?
    We obtain this data from the independent company PEXA, which states the avg is low to mid 80%, whereas at Skilled Conveyancing, we achieve 95.4% and continually receive High Achiever Awards!
  2. What extra security does the Conveyancer have in place, for your banking details just prior to settlement?
    We use PEXA KEY, which protects YOU against phishing and fraud (backed up by PEXA’s secure communication guarantee).
  3. What support and advice does the Conveyancer give you relating to your contract, and carefully worded special conditions?
    We deliver 1 on 1 contract reviews using the filter of PROTECTING YOU from poorly written clauses and contract points that do not work in your favour and will only cost you time and money in the short and long term if not picked up BEFORE settlement. Some of the things we look for are Building & Pest Inspections, rubbish removal, appliances are to be in working order, denying the vendor to adjust land tax in the Adjustment Statement, etc. 
  4. What property enquiries certificate do they undertake on your behalf?
    There are usually 8 enquiries that need to be searched in a purchase file for example YET, not every conveyancer does all 8. We apply for all of them and search the Section 32 document in case the vendor has provided any of them to SAVE MONEY for you. Another enquiry that is often missed by less experienced conveyancers is not undertaking a Company Search when there is a Pty Ltd Co. involved
  5. Do they offer you information in relation to:

    PPSR: Personal Property Search Register – checking if someone has registered a security interest over personal property. Ie. SOLAR panels, farm equipment if farmland – boats, machinery, etc.

    Title Insurance: Provides cover for a range of property ownership risks, ie. Illegal building works such as structures or renovations that may been carried out by previous owners without prior approval, incorrect title boundaries, Fraud, Forgery & Identity Theft (someone claiming ownership – adverse possession), Planning & Title Defects (non compliance with existing zoning & planning laws) unpaid rates and taxes on the property which the insured is liable for as the current owner of the property

    MyConnect: Will connect all of your Utilities so your connections are ready to go when you move in. They partner with the best providers so you have 100% choice from their leading service providers in your area.

    Caveat: To give notice that you have an interest in the property and protects you from any dishonest behaviour (vendor trying to re-sell)

  6. Have they explained the “cooling off period” with you?
    This period is YOUR last chance to withdraw from buying the property – it is the very last stage that you have to withdraw from the Contract without major legal or financial consequences. Without knowing and deciding this, you could get yourself in a situation no-one ever wants to be in.
  7. Do they provide a full settlement report for tax purposes?
    Our Settlement Report is very detailed and is useful for reconciliation purposes and to hand to your Accountant/ATO if an investment property or required by the Government for obtaining a Pension, etc.