Who needs a Section 32 Vendors Statement?

Any Vendor wanting to accept a written offer for the sale of a property is required to produce a Vendors Statement to the proposed Purchaser.

We have very carefully prepared a Vendor Instruction Sheet which is a document we provide to all vendors to complete and send back to our office.

Once we receive this completed Vendor Instruction Sheet we have the instructions to proceed to search the Title on your behalf and prepare the Vendor Statement as per your instructions.

If you wish to complete your Vendor Instruction Sheet, please click here – Once you have completed the Vendor Instruction Sheet, please email back to our office.

It is crucial that the information you provide is accurate as if any information is incorrect or certain information has been omitted from the Vendor Statement, a purchaser could have the right, in certain circumstances, to avoid the Sale.

If that happens, you may be liable for the Real Estate Agent’s Commission on the first sale and on any re-sale.

The Vendor Statement will be prepared on the basis of information supplied by you.

Our office will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or information which has not been disclosed by you.

If you are not confident as to the accuracy of the information you are providing, we can apply to the various zoning rating and other authorities for certificates which could also be attached to the Vendor Statement.

Should you receive any Notices or information concerning the property, which would alter the information contained in the Vendor Statement after it has been prepared, you should contact us immediately.

It is vital that the information contained in the Vendor Statement is correct and current. This relates to any Fencing notices by your neighbours, information relating to possible sewerage connections, any proposals by Council etc.


Disbursements are funds paid by Skilled Conveyancing Services P/L for fees to obtain certain information on your behalf. Ie. Fees for Title Search, Company Search (if applicable) Property Enquires Certificates, Settlement Fee, Sundries etc.