Easy Steps

Do you want to buy your first home in 6 simple steps?

Buying your first home is not as confusing as it seems with help from Skilled Conveyancing.

6 Easy Steps

  1. Don’t sign anything from a real estate agent until you show us first. We are happy to go through the documentation and point out things to you which may require your further investigation before signing the Contract….it’s all free! There is no charge whatsoever for this service.
  2. Ask the real estate agent for the Vendors Statement – Section 32 and bring it to us to explain what it all means
  3. We’ll provide you with a checklist to thoroughly inspect the property
  4. We’ll check that your contract includes the appropriate special conditions (such as chattels included in the sale, e.g. dishwasher, air conditioner, television antenna, etc.)
  5. We’ll determine your eligibility for first home owner grants, and stamp duty concessions (Health Card holder, etc)
  6. We’ll provide you with the names of professionals, e.g. Building Inspector, Accountant, Removalist, etc.

Make buying your first home a memorable experience for the right reasons. Call us today!

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